Half Acre Transit Oriented Development Parcel, Bought in 2016 by August Investors, Sold To Local Investor

August Investors, LLC completed, through its subsidiary, the purchase of .5 acre parcel of land located at 1401 Harlan St. Lakewood Colorado on February 18, 2016. “We were able to buy the land at an attractive basis by offering the longtime owner an extremely quick, all cash, close. We went from contract to closing in less than a week.” said Zachary Segal the CEO of August Investors. “The perception was that it was directly in the path of Metro Denver’s growth.”

After leasing the parcel to local businesses for 3 years, August Investors elected to market the property using Michael Honc as the listing broker. The location had since been designated an opportunity zone. The listing generated a lot of interest on account of: Michael’s marketing efforts, the proximity to the Lamar light rail stop, favorable M-N-U zoning, and the benefits of being in an opportunity zone.

On May 7, 2019 August Investors completed the sale of the Parcel to 1200 Raleigh, LLC an entity owned by a local developer. August Investors was able to assist the buyer in completing the transaction in less than 30 days by providing seller financing. It will be exciting to see what ultimately gets developed on the NW corner of Harlan St. and West 14th Avenue!