About Us

Who we are

August Investors, L.L.C. ("August") is a limited liability company focused on commercial real estate investment and lending.

August employs a comprehensive approach to sourcing deals that involves working directly with owners, banks, special servicers, brokers, as well as monitoring the foreclosure listings in multiple jurisdictions. The principals' operational experience allows the company to quickly and efficiently underwrite assets and implement aggressive revitalization programs.This strategy has allowed the firm to capitalize on a number of heavily discounted investment opportunities.

Our process

How we do it

First Step

Work with local agents and national listing services to identify an acquisition target.

Second Step

Underwrite the opportunity and submit an LOI.

Third Step

Close the deal!

Why work with us?

we make it work

August Investors is a leader in its field and has streamlined the process of acquiring real estate. Time kills deals and we are proud to be able to make decisions, and act on them, at lighting speed! By the numbers:

Office 70%
Retail 15%
Other 15%